The following is a very brief resume. For more informations you can download a PDF version or visit my Linkedin profile.

Personal Information

Real name: Vincenzo Russo
Birthday: February 6, 1982
Birthplace: Naples, Italy
Living place: London, UK
Gender: Male

Areas of interest and competence

Main interests: Web, Drupal, Software Engineering, Development Process Management, Agile, Coaching. Other interests: Operating Systems, Optimization problems, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning.

Most Recent Work Experience

  • Co-founder and shareholder
    From Sep 2010 to Present
  • Development Team Leader
    Code Enigma
    From Oct 2011 to Mar 2012
  • Software Architect
    The Economist Group
    From Jun 2010 to Oct 2011
  • CMS Practice Manager
    From Jan 2010 to May 2010
  • Technical Lead Engineer
    From Dec 2009 to May 2010
  • Senior Software Engineer
    From Nov 2008 to Dec 2009
  • Technical Manager
    Pulse s.a.s.
    From Jan 2007 to Dec 2008
  • Senior developer
    Incsub LLC
    From Oct 2008 to Oct 2008
  • Machine Learning researcher
    University of Naples “Federico II”, Dept. of Physics (for SoLCo project)
    From May 2008 to Oct 2008
  • Data Mining researcher and engineer
    University of Naples “Federico II”, Dept. of Physics (for DAME project, formerly VONeural)
    From February 2008 to Septmber 2008
  • Software engineer and Database Architect
    CINI (for EUCIP Web Portal)
    From February 2006 to March 2007
  • Software engineer and Database Architect
    EFAEP and AISA (for ENEP project, formerly known as DBEP project)
    From 2004 to 2005




See Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for understanding the levels above.

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