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QR codes in your CV

I don’t assume anyone to be constantly looking at my CV to see how it changes, so I thought I’d share this. I honestly don’t know what you are going to make of it and whether or not you are going to like the idea, but as you can see in the picture above, the […]

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Is PHP ready for the Enterprise?

Come on, tell me, how many times have you heard that question? No, stop counting with your fingers: they are not enough. Nowadays — just a month ago for example — we still have this question coming out every now and then. I think the answer that can stop this question for a long time, […]

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My first corporate post @ Ibuildings

My first post on the Ibuildings’ corporate blog is now live: DPC 2009 Day 2. It is clearly about the second day of the Dutch PHP Conference 2009 I’ve attend not a long ago, and the article is basically an “extended version” of something I’ve already wrote here on my blog. Funny that my official […]

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Building from scratch. Again?

Seriously, I can’t believe the trend of this poll. The question is What PHP software would you typically use for an extranet type application (with user content, logins etc.)? and (so far) 24 votes have gone to this answer Custom built (with a framework) not to mention those three who have voted: Custom built (from […]

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Me at DPC ’09

Well, not really at the conference. It’s the Ibuildings party on the conference first day’s evening. Beer, BBQ, and good chats. And yet another horrible photo of myself

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DPC ’09 – My favourite talks

A couple of days ago the DPC ’09 ended and I must say that has been a good time. Nice people to talk to and some interesting talks. Here there are my favourite ones: All the Little Pieces: Distributed systems with PHP What are you talking about? Document classification in PHP PHP Compiler Internals Trees […]

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Dutch PHP Conference 2009

Ok, guys. I’d like to spend more words about this but time is a hard master, so I’ll put this simple. In nearly two months the Dutch PHP Conference will take place in Amsterdam, organized as usual by Ibuildings, the company I’m currently working for. This is for all PHP professionals out there: the DPC […]

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echo “techPortal”;

What’s techPortal? Well, it the first publicly visible piece of the PCE initiative from Ibuildings. PCE – PHP Centre of Expertise – is an initiative to spread and promote the professional use of PHP, and techPortal is basically a technical blog where you can find specialized articles mainly written by the Ibuildings PHP Engineers. The […]

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