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Drupal – Certified to rock

Whatever this algorithm they use is, it surely must be based on the contributions they can track based on your profile. Although it kind of makes sense, it’s only fair to say it’s not 100% just. I mean, I’ve been working with Drupal quite a long time know, since the good old Drupal 4.5. […]

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Paywall, SSL Proxy, Qualtrics – Drupal modules

Today I am working on these three modules that I have been keeping on hold for quite some time. Hopefully I’ll get at least SSL Proxy and Qualtrics deployed on today. As per the Paywall, it’s been sitting there for ages: unfortunately it requires quite some time to be purged of some stuff that […]

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Drupal Italia Association

Two days ago I decided to support the Associazione Drupal Italia (Drupal Italia Association), subscribing and becoming a supporter member. This is to support the guys back in my country who really are dedicated to this platform. Hopefully this association is going to make the Italian Drupal community stronger and larger, and I also hope […]

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Drupal and its community issues

I love Drupal. I really do, even if many people do not understand why (one day I will explain to you what you don’t see, guys). I’ve been working with it since the version 4.6. Then, during the 2008/09 I stopped for like a year (for many reasons that are not worth to be told), […]

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Programmatic CCK Content Types: why my way?

A few days ago, I have announced the Alternate Content Copy module, which hopefully is going to be accepted on the project repository (as soon as I submit it). In that article I explained the general reasons why those modifications should be part of the official Content Copy module. Now, I do realise that […]

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Programmatic CCK Content Types – Updated

Not long ago, I published a HowTo for creating CCK Content Types programmatically, including the ability of updating them via code. After some events, the HowTo needed an update, as it now (necessarily) depends on the Alternate Content Copy module.

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CCK – Alternate Content Copy

Eventually, markus_petrus did not want to change the current behaviour of the CCK Content Copy module. Therefore, out of box, it won’t allow you to use my way to get CCK content type done programmatically (well, not including the update of them). But let’s forget about this for now. Let’s focus on CCK and the […]

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Programmatic CCK Content Types – The Patch

UPDATE 02/12/2009: this patch is out of the date, please refer to the Alternate Content Copy module now. A few days ago I wrote a HowTo for creating CCK Content Types programmatically, including their update. Unfortunately, I must have missed something in my tests, so I found out later on that the updates won’t work […]

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Programmatic CCK Content Types

Update 28/11/2009: you need this patch to make this working 100%. The fundament of Drupal is the node entity. In drupal (almost) everything is a node, which is the most elementary piece of content available, that can be “extended” to create new node types, also known as content types. When you create new Drupal content […]

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Building from scratch. Again?

Seriously, I can’t believe the trend of this poll. The question is What PHP software would you typically use for an extranet type application (with user content, logins etc.)? and (so far) 24 votes have gone to this answer Custom built (with a framework) not to mention those three who have voted: Custom built (from […]

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